Sunday, October 9, 2016

Time Out for Sister Jones

Deseret Book sponsors seminars around the country called Time Out For Women and here it was in Rochester.  Sister Jones had always wanted to go and jumped at the opportunity.

The speakers and music were very inspiring and entertaining. I rarely cry, but by the end of Friday evening's program, I felt something warm and wet running down my cheeks. On Saturday, lo and behold, I ran into Christine Shearer (forget her married name). How sweet to see a fellow Yooper there. I should have taken a picture of us. I even got to shop at the Deseret Book Store they had set up at the convention center - and how often does a Yooper get to do that?!

My office co-worker, Sister Spencer is on the right. Sister Taylor is in the back, She is an MLS (member leader support) senior missionary serving serving with her husband a couple hours away from the mission office. She brought a recently reactivated sister with her and they both spent the night in our spare bedroom. In the picture we are eating some sorbets (from Costco). They are an ice creamy thing in actual coconut shells or fruit skins, orange or grapefruit. These were left over from the dinner we served to the Curtis' and the Evans'.

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