Monday, October 17, 2016

Opening an apartment on a beautiful day.

It was not a real busy week as far as meetings and such, but we needed to open a new apartment for Elder and Sister Cowan in Lockport.  Since we are without a housing coordinator, several chores fell to me and things were not too coordinated.  But it all came together with the APs (assistants to the President) loading the furnishings from a storage unit in Rochester into the mission trailer and driving to Lockport.  The Lockport and Medina missionaries also helped with the unloading so it went quickly.  Unfortunately, I was mired in minutia and didn't take pictures of the efficient crew working or enjoying ice cream afterward.

The drive to Lockport was about an hour and a half over and we took a scenic route back along Lake Ontario lasting about 2 hours.  The shoreline of Lake Ontario is not rugged and wild like Lake Superior since there are orchards, vineyards, and grazing cattle often on the landward side of the road.   It is also pretty level.

We did have one new experience for us.  As we were driving through Gasport, crossing bars came down and the lift bridge went up to let a boat go by on the Erie Canal.  There is no longer commercial traffic on the canal, but some recreational usage.

 Boat approaching from the left

The drawbridge raises to let her pass. 

Back to normal. 

We enjoyed a leisurely drive on a beautiful fall day on Saturday and also going to Batavia for church on Sunday. 

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