Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Busy week with Transfers

We had a busy week with transfers and covering the vacant housing coordinator position.  Seven missionaries went home and 5 arrived.  This transfer caused some apartments to be vacated which caused some hustling on my part.  Also, there is a downturn in senior missionaries being assigned to our mission.

Here are the missionaries at their departure dinner

Sisters Johansen, Casper, and Woolf, Elsie Evans, and Elder Prom.

Elder Durfee and Sister Evans

Elders Prom, and Hamilton, and Peterson 

The meal has been standardized to glazed ham, cheesy potatoes, salad and rolls.  The dessert varies with this transfer having the choice of Sister Jones' pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting or Sister Spencer's chocolate cake with whipped cream.  A great way to end a mission.

The APs, Elders Ahola and Gibby and Elder Greiner

Sister Abreu, Moberly, and Cahoon and Elder Callister

Private seating for Sister and Elder Spencer

Here are some pictures of missionaries who were by the office for a district meeting and ended up helping set up the cultural hall for the ward Halloween Party. 

The afternoon after transfers Sister Jones and I went to Medina about an hours and a half to the west to close an apartment.  The APs drove the truck and trailer and were assisted by Elders Verdine and Judy in the loading while we mainly packed.  It was a smooth mover.  Sorry no pictures. 

One other memorable occurrence was on a morning walk when a young buck galloped across the road about 50 yards ahead of me.  Then, after I rounded the curve, he crossed going the other way at the same speed.  Coming back from the turnaround point, I saw him standing statuesque in a field. 

Also, on Thursday was the first snow.   It was wet and gone by noon, but we know more is on the way. 

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