Sunday, October 23, 2016


Spring and fall, there is a retreat for the Member Leader Support senior missionary couples and the Facility Management senior missionaries held at Seneca Lake Camp, a Church owned facility.  There were 6 MLS Couples, 3 FM Couples, the Camp Manager Couple, the two of us couples from the office, and President and Sister Evans. The office staff were in charge of menus and food preparation with  Sister Spencer in the lead role.

This is the group in the spacious dining hall.

President Evans giving instruction and leading discussion.

Brother Loveridge dishing up the breakfast of French toast, waffles, sausage, strawberries, yogurt, and apple juice, orange juice, or milk. Sister Spencer's buttermilk syrup was a big hit.

Chowing down at breakfast. 

A discussion group during the break: The Taylors and Woodhouses.  I think it is Elder White at the piano.

Sister Jones' chicken tortellini soup was a hit along with Sister Spencer's taco soup. 

Lunch is served!  Great salads and desserts to go with the warm soup.

The camp is a wonderful facility designed to support Young Women Camps for stakes in the area, but that is only about 20% of its usage.  A lot of church youth groups come and use the camp as a base while visiting the nearby church history sites.  The buildings are available for family reunions after the stakes' requirements are met. 

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