Sunday, October 23, 2016

Preparing for new missionaries

New missionaries arrive every 6 weeks and others go home.  One thing that we do in preparation for the incoming missionaries is put together a packet with bedding for them.  This way they don't have to transport these bulky items from home. The practice in our mission is to vacuum pack the bedding in plastic bags to save room while it is stored in the mission office and transported to the mission home.  With the vacancy in the housing coordinator position, I got to help out with this chore.

This is a fun diversion from posting transactions in the accounts payable.

There is a lot more to do like getting the debit cards ready for the arriving missionaries, purchasing the baggage passes for the departing missionaries, printing boarding passes,  updating rosters, and so on. Mainly preparing evening meals for the departing missionaries on Monday evening and the arriving missionaries on Tuesday evening and lunches on Wednesday for the new missionaries and their companions keeps us busy.   

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