Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mission Accomplished

Missions officially begin when the Stake President sets you apart and end when he releases you.  President Maurice Jones was in Utah when we got home, so we were released via Skype.  So ends our first mission.

As we reported to President Jones, we felt very blessed to serve in "the cradle of the Restoration," where we learned so much more about the gospel and history of the Church, were able to attend the Temple weekly, were taught by President Evans, were inspired by our fellow missionaries, young and old, and were able to serve the Lord and our fellow man. 

Back in the UP

We returned home to Marquette on Monday evening to be greeted by Angela and Beth little ones. 

Back Home in Indiana

We drove to my brother Harry's home in Fort Wayne, IN the first day and spent two nights with them.  The went all out to welcome us "Back Home Again in Indiana."  I knew that my brother Dick and his three boys would be there from Georgia but was surprised that my sister Janet, her husband Terry, and two daughters from Oregon and Arizona came also for an impromptu family reunion. 

There were 38 family members present and there was not room at Harry's house for supper, so we met at the church with the Single Adults.

 I gave a powerpoint presentation about the church history sites in the mission and Sister Jones gave testimony about our experience.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Leaving the office

We spent the last night in the transition apartment, then dropped by the mission office to leave the keys and some furnishings.  Here I am closing the door to my office the last time and Sister Jones turning off the lights.