Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Zone Conference at the Smith Farm and Sacred Grove

The zone conferences this transfer had a special setting.  The missionaries came to Palmyra for tours of the Smith Farm and to have time in the Sacred Grove.  The tours were given by Elder and Sister Bradford, the directors of the 5 sites in the area.  On these tours, it was assumed that basic facts were known and additional insights were shared.

I didn't get many pictures.  There was a downpour the first day after the tour when President Evans' remarks were to be given.  Instead of meeting in the amphitheater, we met in the barn. The other two days were beautiful clear, sunny days.

At each conference, the President was in period dress to present as Joseph Smith and had memorized the Joseph Smith History section of the Pearl of Great Price.  This was followed by personal or couples time in the Grove and then a testimony meeting.   Sister Jones and I bore testimony each day as this was our last zone conference.

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