Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Transfers- Chaos as Usual

Transfers were not too challenging with 5 departing missionaries and only 3 arrivals.  However, Elder Spencer was sick going home most of Monday and all of Tuesday.  I drove the van to Buffalo and back.  Should have gotten a picture.  Then Susan and I drove Sisters to the history sites at Palmyra. 

Departing missionaries, an extremely talented group,  Elder Fielding, Sisters Ringler, Crofts, and Fuhniman, and Elder Moon.  Elder Fielding's sister got married while he was on his mission and his mother gave birth to a baby.  A lot happened on the homefront. 

The arriving missionary orientation:  Elder Kawamura from Japan, Sisters Gibbons and Guimaras from the Philippines. 

Elder Webster and his trainee, Elder Kawamura.

The chaos was in last minute housing adjustments for the site sisters and some confusion on transportation coordination, but it all worked out.  Everyone got to their new areas and had a rood over their heads by evening. 

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