Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Good Weekend

We enjoyed a good weekend.

Friday evening, the Evans' youngest daughter, Elsie,  was in a middle school play, "Sleepy Hollow" that we were invited to attend.  It was amazingly good for middle school and we enjoyed it.

Saturday was a relaxing day for us.  In the evening we attended a fundraising dinner for the Young Women in the Pittsford Stake.  The meal was followed by a dice game, "Bacho," which Sister Jones is determined to teach to the grandkids when we get home, but I think it is too complicated. We'll see.

Sunday was church in Batavia in the morning with some home teaching afterward.  Then we visited with Adrian Johnson, the elderly investigtor.  We had not seen her in about a month due to Sister Jones's lingering cold and Adrian's health.  But we received good news in that her sleep pattern has normalized.  She accepted our invitation to attend church this coming Sunday

A pot luck was organized for the Senior Missionaries in Palmyra to celebrate Mothers' Day, although I don't think any of the Elders did the cooking.  There were about 50 in attendance about half of whom were recently arrived temple missionaries who will be here 6 months.  Everyone introduced themselves and told a bit of their personal story.   We learned that one Sister had lived at KI Sawyer while her father was in the Air Force.  Two of the senior Elders had served their youth missions in the Palmyra area in the 1960's.

This week, we learned about the couple that will be replacing the Spencers in August.  Their resumes are quite impressive so we are confident the mission will have a smooth transition as the Spencers and us depart.

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