Saturday, April 29, 2017

Palmyra's Got History

The Palmyra Historical Society runs 5 museums and held a steak dinner fundraiser to help  support them..  I thought we should attend in part to show support by church members of the community.  It turned out that nearly half of the attendees were senior missionary couples and the servers were the proselyting missionaries in the area.  
The steak dinner was very good, but a lot more meat than even I wanted.  There were door prizes,(Susan won 3 post cards) a live auction and a silent auction. Susan bid on a purse in the silent auction, but didn't win it. There was an entertainer who played about 6 different instruments and sang songs from long ago. All in all, it was a good evening. 

With our fellow missionaries, the Jefferies,

The young missionaries:  Elder Astle, Sisters Braunberger, Murdock, Nielsen, Embley, and Elder Smith.

Part of the crowd.

Before the dinner, I gave the Young Farm tour to the Colorado Ericksons who are site missionaries. So that and the dinner and some shopping made for a pretty full day. (Plus our Saturday house cleaning).

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