Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Missionaries

The returning missionaries go the the airport in the morning and the arriving come late in the afternoon.  The President and his assistants meet them and take them to  downtown Rmochester to distribute Books of Mormon to folks on the street.  Then to the mission home for dinner and an orientation from the nurse, vehicle coordinator, me in my finance secretary role, the Assistants to the President and the President.   Their day starts in Provo about 4 am, so they are pretty well zombied by the time we try to impart wisdom to them.  The APs, Elders Larson and Peters are in the background.  Elder Jones is in the back row.  His name was easy to remember. The 
Sisters are (L-R front row) Henrie, Dickey, Canova,  & Boulter; (back row) Lytle,  and interviewing with the President, Sister Meyer 

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