Monday, April 10, 2017

Palmyra North visits the Waters of Brigham

Once a transfer, we take the missionaries who serve around the mission office to the Young Farm to visit the history sites in the neighborhood.  These Elders were present: Broadhead kneeling, Nelson, Judy, Foltz, Falter, Norr, Gardner, Marks, and Hallstrom.

Several took the "Walther Challenge" of drinking from Trout Creek. 

Lunch back at the mission office is part of the outing.

We were joined by this couple, the McKays from Cache Valley, UT, who were touring the church history sites.  They had run into the Spencers at the grocery store and struck up a conversation, so Elder Spencer invited them on the tour.  Brother MacKay was wearing a Wood Badge belt buckle, so we had a lot to talk about... he was even a fellow Fox!  He is a third great grandson of Brigham Young as well as being distantly related to David O McKay.  His professional background was in broadcast and theater.  He and his wife had spent some interesting time in South Africa where he worked as a consultant.  He also did a Donald Duck imitation what was very entertaining.  It was a memorable and enjoyable meal. 

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