Sunday, April 23, 2017

Keeping at it.

Guess I was just out of the picture taking mood over the weekend.  On Friday afternoon, I accompanied Elders Judy and Falter to teach a lesson to a lady named Pam.  We have a follow-up lesson on Tuesday,

Then, I met the Rowleys, who are site missionaries. We toured the historic sites  at the Young Farm with friends they had visiting from Utah.  It was a bit wet on the walk to the Waters of Brigham.

Then I met Sister Jones and the Spencers at the Palmyra Temple.

Saturday, we attended a baptism for a 10 year old boy.  He is in the Batavia Branch but the baptism was in Brockport since most of his relatives live there. After the baptism, we went to the Jefferies for dinner and played a version of Monopoly that is much quicker and merciless.

Sunday we enjoyed beautiful weather and had the Utah Ericksons (as opposed to the Colorado Ericksons) over for lunch after church..They are site missionaries who have been here since late March.  They are also assigned to attend the Batavia Branch.  

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