Saturday, September 17, 2016

We Love a Parade!

The highlight of the festival was the parade.  We were impressed with the number of community bands.  They were usually small brass bands with 8 -15 players, but there were 6-8 of them plus a fife and drum band, bag pipers, and contemporary drummers.   Plus, there were two high school bands.

There was a car show downtown before the parade and some of the classics were in the parade.

Sister Missionaries outside the Grandin Building

One of the brass bands

The fife and drum corps

Scouts were represented.  Wish Ben were here and we could have joined in. 

Sons of the Union Veterans were represented.  I almost joined them, too.

One thing I noticed about the parade that was unusual.  Both the Republican and Democrat County Committees had trucks/floats in the parade and neither one had banners or signs identifying their presidential candidate.  There were 4 or 5 candidates in the parade and none identified their party affiliation.  Very few yard signs around the area for local or national candidates.  

Sunday we went to Batavia for church.  The past stake president spoke.  One of his themes was humility.  He quoted Ben Franklin who ended a discourse about humility by saying to effect, "If I ever become humble, I will be quite proud of it."   The quote is worth googling. 

Sunday evening we attended a stake fireside at which President and Sister Evans spoke.  

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