Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Daily Walk

With the heat and humidity this summer and the burdens of learning my job, I did not take up my habit of walking since I got to New York.  With cooler temperatures this week and a routine week at the office, I resumed the morning walks.

When we received our mission call to Rochester, I envisioned us living in an apartment complex with a commute to work on busy city streets, but the pastoral scenes where we are living, are very relaxing and pleasant, although quite different than the hikes in the northwoods or the strolls down Ridge Street viewing the old mansions, then back along the shoreline with the vistas of Lake Superior. 

This is the turnaround point on my long walk on Saturday. Nice farm view.  

The yard ornaments at the purple house which is where I turn on the weekday walks. 

One of three creeks that cross under the road. 

The fallow field southeast of our house that is church property. 

Another stream that is more pleasing to the eye than impressive to the camera. 

The garden at the purple house.  Enlarge the picture to see the sunflowers to the back.

 There are some quaint old houses that make you contemplate the history and heritage of the area.

And there are several recent mansions along the way that are meant to impress, and do.

So that is the way I start my mornings now with a walk and a rendition of "How Great Thou Art."

Here is a picture from Labor Day morning of one of the companions on the road. 

These two pictures were taken on a long walk on September 17th.  The farm about an eight of a mile north of us, has these animals grazing.   We see them every morning and have developed some affinity for them. 

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