Monday, September 12, 2016

Sister Jones's Birthday Week kicks off

Several years ago, daughter Angela decided she somehow was entitled to extending her birthday celebration to a week.  Sister Jones sort of had a birthday week with all the activity in the office and everyone remarking on her birthday due to the helium balloon and flowers prominently displayed.

Our office-coworkers, neighbors, & fellow travelers, the Spencers knew Susan's birth date and started the day out with a balloon and a rendition of the Primary version of "Happy Birthday."  Sister Jones started the tradition of the staff calling the missionaries on their birthdays and singing this song.  Since the tradition has just started, the honorees are usually startled and bemused. 

At lunch time, Sister Jones was whipping up the angel food cake she was making for the departing misssionary dinner that evening.
  I had coordinated with the district leaders for several of the district to gather on their p (preparation) day to surprise SJ.  While she was in the kitchen, they entered carrying the balloon and flowers and singing "You've had a Birthday..." to her surprise and amazement.  

The remains of the special cakes I bought.  I wasn't quick enough to get the before picture.  The top was a mango/raspberry/coconut mousse and the bottom one a blueberry/raspberry/strawberry mousse.  Wish you had been there, Caleb!

Our friends, the Spencers.

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