Monday, September 5, 2016

Laborless Day Picnic with the Palmyra North Zone

Sister Jones and I were invited to join the Palmyra North Zone for their picnic at the Palmyra Stake Center on Labor Day.

Elder Russell was the chef on a grill borrowed from his landlord.  Sister Jones commented about how long it had been that I was the head griller. 

This was a unique attraction on the field at the stake center, a plastic culvert on the hillside for rolling down the hill.  The Elders seemed a bit more dizzy at the end.

There was a spirited game of kickball:

Elder Wilson the Younger provided some entertainment. 

 Sister Smith had an original way of cutting watermelon.

Old Elder and Sister enjoying the fellowship. 

We got out of the sun to play "One Thing I have never done is..."  It was Susan's kind of game.  The person who was "it" would say "one thing I have never done is ....(example-) dye my hair,  Then anyone who had dyed their hair would get up an find a different seat, with there being one seat short. 

 For the finale, we drove into Palmyra to Chill and Grill, the local favorite for ice cream.  Sister Jones with Elders Peterson and Moon.  Elders Russell and Wilson with the small portions served. 

This is as good as it gets on Labor Day except for being at Johnson Beach with the grandkids. 

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