Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving at the Mission Home

We were invited to the Mission Home for Thanksgiving Dinner.  The occasion was salubrious, filling, and fun.  

Like the dinners for arriving and departing missionaries, I get to be the cut up. 

I was focused on eating the food for the main courses, but did pause before dessert to get a picture of these beauties. 

Here is the crew:  Sister Evans, the kids Tyler and Elsie, the Spencers' son and his girlfriend who were visiting, Elder and Sister Spencer, and Sister Jones. 

Again Sister Evans, the newly arrived Elder and Sister Jefferies, and the kids again.  Although newly assigned to our Mission, the Jefferies are very experienced missionaries having served in Zimbabwe and Siberia.  We enjoyed getting acquainted with them.

After the meal, we introduced the group to our old family favorite game, "Slap Happy,"  then an uproarious round of Pterodactyl, followed by a word association game, and finished upstairs with Pictionary.   We then adjourned downstairs for a lively session of "Round the World" ping pong.

After dinner, Sister Jones and I dropped off a plate of turkey dinner and visited with Adrian Johnson who is interested in the church.  We have gotten to know her quite well and enjoy visiting her.  Her house is like a small museum filled with furniture, knick knacks, dolls, and ornaments that would make Antique Roadshow viewers drool.   I love this lamp, but would not want it anywhere near the grandkids.

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