Thursday, November 17, 2016

Zone Conferences

Zone Conferences always are an overload for the office staff.  One of the duties I help with is inspecting and rating the cars.  We have 52 cars for the proselyting missionaries or over a million dollars worth of rolling stock.  Proper preventative maintenance, cleaning, and safety education go a long way towards improving resale value.  So, every zone conference Elder Spencer and I look them over, point out deficiencies, and give attaboys and girls,   The main attaboy award is the Golden Plates.  Then Elder Spencer has to enter a lot of information in the computer for Church Headquarters to review.

Elder Whicker arrived in November trained for an American Sign Language mission.  His older brother served in Marquette several years ago.

The Sisters posing above wanted to use the picture to say hello to Sister Jones who was minding the store.

At the conference in Palmyra, I first witnessed the game, "Pterodatctyl."  We look forward to sharing it when we get home.

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