Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tours, tours, tours

After Angela's family left, I was in tour guide mode. 

Three of the site couples, Elders and Sisters Thompson, Erickson (Utah branch), and Winans came for an evening tour.

On Thursday afternoon, 11 couples of Temple Missionaries came by.  It had rained hard in the morning in Pittsford and Palmyra, but less in Mendon, so there was not mud or puddles.  Within 15 minutes of them leaving, it rained hard on the farm.  It was sunny during the tour.  The Lord looks after those temple missionaries.

More evidence....  The Tomlinson Inn is owned by Saints in Utah who use it seasonally.  No one had ever been on the site when I had been there before.  However, with the Temple Missionaries touring, there was a man mowing the grass.  He introduced himself as the caretaker, Bother Clark, and invited us in.  We only entered the dining room, but heard his powerful testimony that the evens that happened there was not a chance meeting but divinely orchestrated.

Then we went on the the Tomlinson Cemetery where Meriam Young and Solomon Kimball are buried.  Well, you know how old Mormons are in a cemetery.

On Saturday we were visited by a couple, the Jensens from Barnwell, Alberta Canada.
He was a direct descendant of Heber Kimball and was not aware that Heber was baptized at this exact place where Brigham Young was baptized. We had a pleasant visit with the Jensens who were referred to us by site missionaries. 

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