Friday, June 9, 2017

A Grand Visit

The long anticipated visit from Angela and her kids finally came in June.

First they surprised me (Sister Jones was in on the plot) by arriving late in the afternoon instead of late at night. It was a joyful surprize.

 Life on the Farm, the John Young Farmhouse.  A farmer's breakfast with blueberry pancakes, parlor games, and sleeping in the upstairs bedroom.

The Grandin Building where the Book of Mormon was printed and bound. 

The Hill Cumorah Visitor Center and Statue of the angel, Moroni.

The Sacred Grove

 At the Smith Farm, the log home on the left and in the frame house with Sister Packard on the right.

The Palmyra Temple and the view from the Temple of the Sacred Grove.
At the Peter Whitmer Farmhouse Visitors Center on the site where the Church was organized in 1830. 

At the site where Brigham Young was baptized in April of 1832 on the John Young farm.  Brigham's home and workshop were here with a mill pond. 

 Fun times at Rochester's Museum of Play

Awesome views of Niagara Falls from the shore and riding the Maid of the Mist.

Farewell, see you in Marquette. 

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