Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weather Woes

Western New York had significant challenges from the weather two weeks in a row. 

There was severe wind damage in Rochester on Wednesday, March 8th with over 100,000 people being without power, most for 36 hours but about 10,000 through the weekend.   Elder Spencer and I were at a Zone Conference in Buffalo and when we returned to the office, the Sisters were sitting in the dark, very bored.  We had power at the Young farm and enjoyed a comfortable night feeling a bit guilty since many people were cold.  Thursday was Zone Conference in Palmyra, which had power and was a productive day.  We went to the office on Friday anticipating that the power would surely be on, but it was not.  Elder Spencer needed to deliver a repaired car to Fayette about 45 miles east, so we all went.  We met the Elders at Sauders Grocery in Waterloo and had a delicious lunch and shopped for some groceries.  When we returned to the office in the mid-afternoon, the power was back on and we went to work.  Some of the food in the refrigerator at the office was bad and some was thawing.  We called the missionaries in the area to get the good food which they eagerly did.  We worked until 8 to get caught up from the unproductive time. 

The following Tuesday afternoon, it started snowing and snowed and snowed and snowed until Wednesday evening.  Over 20 " accumulated, the third largest snowstorm in their history.  The County Executive banned all non-essential driving Wednesday.  Believing we should be 'subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law,' we took the day off and mostly rested.  Thankfully the snow blower preformed magnificently as I used it twice and shoveled twice. 
The scene above is the office parking lot with some of our vehicles that are for sale. 

Here is life on the Farm. 

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