Sunday, March 12, 2017

More Elder Visitors

Stake Conference came around again and we invited the Elders from Batavia and Warsaw to spend the night on the Farm to save them miles driving back and forth.  It was a short night getting home near 10 and then 'springing forward' and losing an hour.  We did tour the Waters of Brigham, Tomlinson Inn and Tomlinson Cemetery.  We had a really good breakfast casserole with bacon, ham, and sausage and three cheeses.  Sorry, no picture.

Elders Page, Winkler, Self, and Shaw

At Stake Conference, President Howell was released as he is moving to Israel to be on a faculty there.  The family will live 'on the economy' rather than in a compound.  He speaks some Hebrew and is determined to lecture in Hebrew.  His field is quantum physics. 

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