Saturday, January 28, 2017

January- Over halfway on our Mission

We have reached the halfway point on our mission.  I chose not to burn a white shirt as it the tradition with some younger missionaries.  We continue to be busy although not as frenzied as December's pace, but things are becoming routine.

The transfers in January were not as taxing as only 5 departed and 3 arrived.  We have been here long enough that we are well acquainted with the departing missionaries and are sad to see them go.

President and Sister Evans with Tyler and Elsie. 

The Spencers and us with Elders Leifson, Feiseler, Fauga and President Evans.

When the new missionaries arrive, President takes them to downtown Rochester and challenges them to give a Book of Mormon to someone on the street within 20 minutes.  They usually are successful.  Then they come to the Mission Home for dinner and an orientation that we are involved with.  They spend that night at the Mission Home and then go to the Sacred Grove and other history sites before coming to the Mission Office to meet their first companion.   With President and Sister Evans are Sisters Rea and Hallows and Elders Knorr, Hale,  and .... 

Our family home evenings with the Senior Missionaries who serve at the historical sites and with facility management continue to be a delight although they were not recorded with pictures.  On Jan 9, we were the host couple.  I presented about John Young and the LDS History on the farm and in the vicinity.  It was well received.  Sister Jones led a game called "Speed Friendshipping."  Participants sat in two rows facing each other and then had a minute each to talk to the person across from you on an assigned topic, such as "What did you do for fun in the winter in your childhood."  Then, one row moved over one seat and another topic was addressed.  This continued until everyone had visited with everyone in the other row.  It, too, was well received.   Next was time for refreshments.  Sister Jones' unsweet treats like spinach balls, sausage and cheese, crackers, veggies and dip, cider and cranberry juice were a hit after all the holiday calories. 

This week's program was Patriarch Millroy from the Palmyra Stake who spoke about being a Patriarch and some about the recent history of the Church in the area. 

On the 25th was a world-wide broadcast to missionaries with Elders Oakes, Bednar, and Anderson and others.   Four of our zones met in the Pittsford chapel and the Buffalo Zones met in Amherst.  So there were about 60 missionaries assembled at the office.  There is always so much energy and enthusiasm when they gather and the more missionaries, the more there is.  So, it was an exciting day. During the broadcast, changes to the schedule were announced that included more sleep, less meal time, and more flexibility on preparation day.

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