Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cyber Missionaries

Sister Jones and I deliver mail and packages to the Hill Cumorah Visitor Center a couple of times a week since all the Sisters rotate through there.  When things slow down, the Sister Missionaries man the computers and chat with online investigators.

From Sister Crofts and Barrett's Glad Tidings newsletter article:

"The missionary sits down at the computer and logs in to their online teaching center account. Within a few moments, a request for a free copy of the Bible or Book of a Mormon appears on their screen. The missionary selects the request and calls the person desiring the free book. After confirming the individual's address is correct, the missionary proceeds to explain more about the restoration of Christ's church. As the message is shared, hearts are softened and the spirit touches souls. Some individuals begin to open up about the things they are struggling with, others accept invitations to be baptized, and many express their thankfulness towards the missionary who called them so quickly and shared such a powerful and simple message with them. The missionary feels joy beyond measure. Preaching the gospel while online is nothing short of a miracle. That miracle can be brought to ALL of our areas as we continue contacting our media referrals as quickly as possible...preferably  from when you receive it. The people we receive as referrals are precious souls that need saving. They can't get home to our Heavenly Father without the knowledge we have. (PMG pg.163) We are all part of a miraculous work that keeps getting better and better. Contact the referrals, experience the miracles, feel the joy.'"

Sisters Abreu, Topham, and Tucker. 

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