Saturday, August 27, 2016

Zone Conferences

Rachel and Jacob's sealing in Detroit was sandwiched between two weeks with 3 zone conferences each week.  I attended them all and gave a presentation on budgeting.  Susan went to two of them and covered the office the other  days.  It is quite stimulating to visit with the missionaries, feel of their spirit and dedication, and observe the spiritual depth of these young people (and a few senior missionaries).

This is a group picture of the Buffalo South Zone.  It is one of the larger ones and also the tallest. 

One of the tasks addressed at Zone Conference is car inspections.  Elder Spencer is the vehicle coordinator and I assist him with rating the vehicles.

Elder and Sister Workman are the housing coordinator and nurse who will be released very shortly.  They entertain and inform the missionaries with skits during lunch.  This is a visit from the "Laundry Fairy" to an Elder perplexed about how to clean his clothes. 

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