Sunday, August 14, 2016

Around the mission

Saturday, we had time to chart our own course and see sights around the mission.  Our co-missionaries in the mission office, the Spencers, joined us to get out into the beautiful countryside.

 The town of Avon (Av-on) about 25 miles south west of us has an annual corn festival.  The local missionaries and Zone Leader were staffing a booth there, so we decided to go over to show support. It was a good turn out with over nearly 50 booths and three locations for free music.  We were there in the late morning, but there was already a good crowd.  Since it was morning, we did not hit the food booths. 

I learned that the local Rotary Club sponsored the event. I struck up conversations with several Rotarians. There was a human being inside the corn cob outfit in the center picture.  It gives real meaning to the term "roasting ear."

Our last stop of the day was at a Mennonite grocery store, Sauders, that is widely known and endorsed by the Senior Missionaries in the mission.  I kind of envisioned a old barn type building with old folks peddling overpriced goods and crafts.  I was really pleased with a modern grocery with competitively priced goods and a delicious deli.  They also had bite sized samples of several items around the store.  The sales and check out staff were all dressed in modest Mennonite skirts but were young ladies.  It was a pleasant shopping experience.   The place just seemed wholesome. 

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