Tuesday, February 28, 2017


We had a very busy week with 15 missionaries arriving. Sister Jones was chief cook for this transfer and prepared chicken curry served on rice with a variety of toppings to choose from:  pineapple, coconut, peanuts,  for a group of 25.

This group of Elders was a different demographic from the Utah domination we usually receive.   There were Elders from Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida and even Hawaii with only one Utahn.  However, all 5 Sisters are from Utah. 

In addition to integrating the new arrivals, there are other changes due to tenure and leadership considerations.  This transfer, 80% of the companionships experienced changes.  So on one day, we have a massive Chinese fire drill.  At best it is managed chaos. 

Elder Spencer visits with Elder Lopez who is headed to Buffalo.

Elder and Sister Jefferies drive the mission van to Buffalo with the missionaries reassigned there.  Here are Elders Barone and Lopez and Sister Moberly eager to go. 

We had gotten to know Elders Case and Peterson very well while they served in the vicinity of the mission office. Now they are companions again in Niagara Falls. Elder Peterson was the first NYRM we met when we spent our first night in Batavia. 

These Elders were hanging around the office waiting for the van to bring their new companions:  Elders Knorr, Earl, Cummings, Marks, and Broadhead.  

Chaos managed- everyone had a roof over their head, their assigned car, phone, and iPad, and their very own companion at the end of transfer. 

All this happened in addition to closing an apartment and moving the furnishings to a new apartment on Monday, closing an apartment located 2 hours from the office and loading the furnishing on Thursday, and opening an apartment and moving in the furnishing in Rochester on Friday.  This caused me some paperwork hoop jumping over the weekend to get ready for this and caused Elder Jefferies some  logistical challenges.  Fortunately, the Lord is on our side. 

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