Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Young Farmhouse- Home Sweet Home

One of the perks of our mission is being assigned the John Young farm as our residence for the duration of our mission.  It was built in 1826 by John with help from his son Brigham.  Brigham lived above his mill on the property and was baptized in the mill pond in 1832.  The mill is gone and with it the pond, but there is a marker by the stream where the event occurred.

There are two sections of the farm house across the street from each other.  In the early 1850s, the county road was built and theoriginal house had to be divided and and half moved to the north.  Additions and porches were subsequently built on.

This is the other section of the house across the road.  Another set of office missionaries the Spencers, live there.

The barn and garage on our side of the road. The barn dates from 1900.  The original barn was next to it.  In the late 1990's, after the property was acquired by the church, it was disassembled and moved to the Joseph Smith farm site where it was reassembled as sample of a barn of that era. 

Our house viewed from the road. 

The house from the garage. 

Cozy front room
Front room corner

Sister Jones' domain 
 The downstairs bedroom
 Office nook off the bedroom
 Laundry room off the bedroom
The upstairs bedroom with queen and 3 single beds.  There is a bathroom upstairs, also.

The houses were bought from the Hutchinson family by LDS brothers in 1979 and conveyed to the Church in 1984, The families who had owned the property continued to live there until their deaths, the last in 2002. 

So that is our humble abode where we retreat after a day of laboring in the mission field.  It is a very idyllic setting in an area rich in Mormon history.  We have a 20 minute drive to the mission office. 

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